Friday, 9 September 2016


In a recent phase of my life which i kept calling , "Boredom", I was shocked to have learnt that i had nothing that productive to do. So i kept scrolling the WhatsApp Contact list, Checking Facebook Status and dwelling into nothingness, for a change my brains were on strike shouting, "No Thinking" and my emotions were drained, as if my heart was a rock. As usual i rushed for help to the amazing friends i have in my life, and started talking to them about this way of being. Well some said, they felt the same recently and were just being with it. And some said it is a phase that one must enjoy, as your mind and body need to rest and it is fine taking a break from the routine. "Doing nothing at times is such a blessing", said a friend. I also picked a book lying on my shelf which gave a Buddhist perspective on health, which again left me with some access to think, "why this boredom?". Finally, the mantra was "ACTION". It is some little things that i need to keep doing, so that i can push myself out of this spell of boredom. And it is to practice 'patience' and understand that each day is not gonna be the way i want it to be, and if i really want something to manifest, i have to be consistent with my actions. Thanks to all those people who appreciate my blog, and thus, this post - a sign of action to move out of this spell of boredom. If we just have to consider that life is just like the flowing river, i guess we will never get stagnant.    

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