Wednesday, 29 March 2017


There are many moments in my life that i really want to hold on to and cherish them for life. And when i feel the need to cherish these moments, I am carried away by so many thoughts and ideas of my daily life. The essence of life is getting materialistic, there seems no room to really let go and be with yourself. The constant thought of , "am i losing something" runs like a gushing river. That very thought makes me search for more ideas and more ways to explore this so called 'Life'. Hey !! While all this drama is happening in my head...Life is happening , right here , right now. I really can't assess my speed for life, i am not sure how much i have achieved as per the standards of the world. All i know that in these years of my life, i have taught myself to cherish every moment ad believe me it is priceless. 

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