Friday, 9 September 2016

Self Expression

What does it really mean to be fully self expressed? For me....errr it is again gonna be in the domain of white and black. Let me share a recent insight to this idea of self expression. While we all find our ways to express through music, painting, dance, at times just shouting etc. There is another dimension which we often fail to see, that is " suppressing other people's self expression" considering it as insane or not valuable. While i adhere to the understanding that self expressions must be channelized in a way which is pro-human and pro-environment, which mean the expression being harmless...i also acknowledge that often we don't even let people talk and express themselves through words. I have learnt to give space to people in my life to express themselves the way that works best for them, at times their self expression and non-expression hurts, yet i am cultivating that patience so that i don't suppress someone's way of being and not judge that person. 

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