Monday, 30 January 2017

Pain or Love - An Artist

This post is dedicated to all the artist in the world 

I really don't when i became an artist, i learnt this when i first fell in love and when i had my first heart break. Ever since then i learnt the beauty of being an artist. Over the years i have learnt the art of living, putting up a smile even when i am hurt deep inside. Dancing to the sound of the wind, when i am walking on fire. Rising from the ashes again and again...Some people are different they need some internal forces to drive them. An artist needs pain or love, if he/she does not have even one of this..the artist can die. There is something that needs to inspire an artist, pain and love are the two core aspects in his/her life. So what do Artists do all day ?? They just like you search for inspiration....Love and Pain inspire them the most. If you are an artist, you will know.  

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